5-days challenge to create the awesome wardrobe
Hi I'm Ylva, 

I coach creative women to simplify life, design their home and get a simplistic, joyful and healthy life style.

The unique learning method is developed from many years as a professional Feng Shui consultant, speeches at famous events and over 10 years as a creative teacher.

I'm also a passionate photographer and always look for interesting motives trough my camera lens. My specialities are flowers, nature and food photography.

Create your awesome wardrobe

Create your awesome wardrobe!

5-days Challenge 

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Do you have a feeling of having NOTHING to wear when you're looking into your wardrobe? I understand you. Many of us have to much clothes. Clothes that just hanging there for years and collect dust.

I'll guide you to declutter and create a personal wardrobe you would love. Just hit the button and get started! It's totally FREE.

Ylva Maria Design
Design the simple life

Welcome to my PODCAST


Have you ever felt that your home is messy and decluttered and you don't know how to make it to a beautiful place?

In my podcast Design the simple life I give you several tips of how to live a healthy and harmonious life without stress and other negative thoughts. 

a simple life
Design the simple life


Let´s design your 

awesome home

and life today!

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Ylva Jansson