How to create the awesome wardrobe

declutter the wardrobe

How to create the awesome wardrobe

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Now is time for you to create the awesome wardrobe you would love!

Do you have a feeling of having NOTHING to wear when you're looking into your wardrobe? I understand you. Many of us have to much clothes. Clothes that just hanging there for years and collect dust. 

Maybe you also have things that doesn't belong in your wardrobe. The wardrobe could be a place where you store all different kind of things or junk that you don't know where to store. 

the awesome wardrobe
The awesome wardrobe challenge

Make more space

Imagine the feeling of be able to see what´s in your wardrobe so that you easier could chose what to wear in the mornings. You know what? If you make more space in your wardrobe you also create more space in your heart and soul for healthy thoughts. 

I know it could be difficult to get rid of clothes and other things, so therefore I made this challenge to help you start your decluttering journey and begin to live a harmonious life. It's your choice how much you need or how much you want to declutter, but in this challenge I'll give you the necessary tools to use when you do the work.

Your personal style

After having decluttered your wardrobe it's so much easier to chose your personal style and who knows, maybe you want to change style when you're finished. Sounds interesting, right? I tell you something here: It's not dangerous to change style. It's just fun. I have made it many times in my life. I'll give you the most incredible way to create the awesome wardrobe and to find your personal style when you join this challenge.

For 5-days I'll guide you to declutter and create a personal wardrobe you would love.

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