A sustainable home and a harmonious life

A sustainable home

Ok, what is a sustainable home? Is it when you have all the expensive furniture and when all is perfect? Could be, but not for me...

For me is a sustainable home when it last for long and when you have your own style of what you like. As a feng shui consultant I always start with items which already are available in the home and then go further into it. 

I used to start with decluttering and take things away that have bad energy for my clients. I mean not bad energy for me, because that is not the same thing. Bad energy when we're talking about interior items are not the same for me as for you. You can feel a strange feeling when you're looking at a picture and I'm not. It all depends on your background and what you have in your bagage. We don't have the same bagage, right?

In Feng Shui there are some principles to follow to get a sustainable and harmonious home and life. I have done it by myself in my own home about 20 years and the outcome is always positive. 

I have made a free guide to download including tips and trix for your home area so that you may start your Feng Shui journey as well. All common rooms are included. 

If you're interested in my 100 % free Feng Shui guide please put the button down below and download.


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