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The secrets about women’s hand bags you really want to know

I’ve got an idea to make a survey about women’s hand bags and what they carrie all day long in their bags. I´ve interviewed about 10 women and got the interesting result. 

I think it´s interesting to know what kind of stuff people own or not and I got an idea that I wanted to know if there are some similarities between what we have in our homes versa in our hand bags. I wanted to know if a woman who have much stuff in her home has also much stuff in her hand bag or not.

I found what are the most common stuff women have in their handbag and I also found what kind of stuff was more uncommon. Really interesting.

Ready for the conclusion:

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Have a lovely weekend lovelies ❤️


Start the new season with ease

Let’s start the new season with ease! October is here and a new season ????. Do you feel something special when a new season arrives? I do and that’s because there are a new energy around us now. The earth energy has arrived and here in Sweden the leaves has started to fallen off to the ground.

It’s a very colorful and beautiful season with many colors. Today I have published a new episode of Design the simple life and it’s about autumn and the new season. I will also introduce an incredible woman and a friend of mine for you:

Her name is Suzanna Novotna and she’s a massage terapeut in Marbella. Her superpowers are Deep Tissue massage, Thai massage, postural alignment inspired by Bowspring method. She’s also a dancer and yoga teacher and she has a passion for healthy plant based cooking as I also have.

She has created a free beautiful and well designed guide about how you can design your perfect morning routine you will finally stick to. That Morning Routine Workbook will guide you step by step to meet your goals day after day. I highly recommend you to go to her site and grab your guide. You’ll find it here: Don´t miss that!

She says:

”When we have a good routine in place, we tick the exercise, self care and a good part of nutrition off the list as the first thing. So we don’t have to think about going to the gym, yoga or trying to squeeze self care during a busy day. Basically it’s simplier and a time saver..”

Have a lovely weekend and go and listen to episode 14 of Design the simple life about the new season ? I also have another fun thing that I share in this episode, so don’t miss that ?


Find energy for declutter your home

5 steps to find energy for declutter your home 

I´m a believer of that everybody sometimes postpone cleaning at home or to get started with all the clutter at home. You know you need to do something about it, but instead of just doing it today you say: Let’s make it tomorrow or at monday…I know, because I have been there several times. For me it’s different now, because I have found the way out of it and I’m here to coach you to the same position as I am.

Life could be tricky and you can feel stressed out many times. There are so many things to do everyday. I remember when our kids were small and we had a big house to look after. It was tough many times, but also the best time in my life. But, even if you haven’t all that it could be boring to clean and take care of all the things everywhere in your home.

I´ve made a podcast episode about how you can find energy for declutter your home and begin to taking care of yourself. There are so many ways to find energy and in this episode I’ll give you 5 steps.

Just click on this button and listen to episode number 13 of my podcast “Design the simple life”. (Btw, to listen to a podcast is totally free).

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Btw, if you haven’t grab my FREE 5-days challenge “How to create the awesome wardrobe” yet. Go and just do it! You’ll be so satisfied when you’ve done the refreshing in your wardrobe.

Have a wonderful weekend and remember that the small things are the things that matter ❤️

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How to create the awesome wardrobe

A day of recovery

Hi there,

Today I took a day of recovery. I went to the nearest city Malmö. I just love to go for a trip and simply do what I would like to do. No plans, just go with the flow. I started with a visit at my friend Benny Rosenqvist and then went on down to the beach nearby. Sat and ate my lunch at the pier and listen to the waves, listen to my mind and saw a frogman ? He jumped in the ocean with his flippers and went on to the big bridge Öresundsbron. That was a very long way to swim ? Hope he did it with success.

How often do you take a day off and just do simple things or just nothing? It doesn’t have to be something special, just a day off from everything. For me it’s real healing for my soul. It’s not the same thing if I stay at home for rest. I have to take a trip somewhere. Maybe you’re like me? ❤️

I ended my trip at an Italian gelateria (#dolcesicilia) and enjoyed a delicious ice cream. I can really recommend a visit there if you would like to have the best quality of ice-cream ? Here is a link to best the ice-cream bar in Malmö.

Satisfied, calm and happy for my day off and a day of recovery in the warm september sun. I really needed that. Don’t underestimate contemplation, recovery and do listen to your intuition when you have to take a day off for rest.

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Plan 3 – What a to-do-list can do for you

PLAN 3 – Download for FREE!

Life could be hectic, I know. The thing is that if you just go on and never stop and make reflections it’s a big chance that you some day will be exhausted. You don’t want that, right! I have been there, so I know the feeling of it and how long time it takes to come back to normal again. 

I have found my way of simplifying my life and that includes everything. For example I have a morning routine to write down the most important thing for the day and also some other things that matters for me. 

I really want to help you simplify your life and therefore have I made a FREE pdf for you to download at your computer. I call it Plan 3 and when listening at my new episode you’ll get to know why. Plan 3 is very simple and powerful to use and it reduce stress, get you motivated and to stay focused all day long. Everybody need that, I guess.

Once you’ve downloaded it you can use it for ever. The only thing you have to do is to print it out as many times as you want. I suggest you to print out for a month at time. Feel free to download.

Listen to the new episode of my podcast DESIGN THE SIMPLE LIFE and learn how I use this everyday for having a harmonious life without stress.

Episode 10

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To read more and download the Free pdf simply click this link:

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If you have any questions or reflections please share it with me. Send me an email at I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Have a lovely day, my dear ❣️

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