Back on track again

Yesterday I wrote about creativity. It’s a big part of my life. For me it has been a mix of photography, calligraphy, jewelry design, water color, writing, styling, interior design, design/sewing clothes and planting herbs and flowers in the garden (more fun to create than to bring water afterwards 😉.

I donÂŽt take my creativity for granted, because suddenly it could disappear. What I have learned is that when it’s gone I always know it will appear again, but I never know when.

Today I’m back on track again and it feels so good when my creativity is back. My photography interest begun when I was a child and I got an instamatic camera from my mum and dad. OMG I produced so many film rolls (sounds swenglishđŸ€”).

Thank God the technic has been improved and you can shot thousands of images without buying any film rolls at all and just edit them in the computer. I have also experienced working in the darkroom and I can say that I really loved that. It was so magic when the image suddenly appeared in the liquid.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekendâŁïž

Love and kindness,


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