My idea of why you have to have a WHY!

If you are going through your life without a WHY then you are not living to your full potential. You are sailing around and don´t really know why you are doing this or that and life has no meaning. Here is my idea of why your WHY is so important.

  1. You have a job you are going to every day. Just only for having food on the table for you and your family.
  2. You are in a relationship just for safe and not want to be alone.
  3. You living in a place and are not really satisfied, but the thought of moving are making you tired.

Many of us are living just like that just because we haven’t found the way out. You have to go deeper in your soul and ask your self what is most important to you in your life. Write it down on a piece of paper. To write things down is so powerful and things becomes more clear for you. I have been writing all my life and it’s in my writing my best ideas comes up.

If you don’t know your WHY you will be sailing around in your life without any destination and will never understand what you are doing. You have to have a WHY if you want to move forward in a positiv direction.

I have found my WHY and I know my direction very well. When you have found your WHY your life becomes more powerful, interesting and you will find the meaning of your life.

Love and kindness,

Ylva ❤️

Registration is opened!!!

I think I'm sleeping or something and have to pinch me in the arm. Can't believe it, but it's really true...My own designed online masterclass course The Simple dream Home is ready and the the registration has opened today. Yippikajey!!! I have worked a lot to build it and put my entire soul inside it. So I'm so excited to show you this and hope you will like it. 

This is a course for you who wants to make a change in the home interior area and it's also a life changing process in different kind. I believe it could be very various due to what kind of background you have, but I can promise you if you follow my simple steps in The Simple dream Home your soul will be uplifted.

The course content is like follows:

Working with your inner soul

Feng Shui



I have many years experience of all this items and will help you all the way from the start into the end. If you wish I have made a FB-group for course members where you will get huge inspirations and help from me and from the other members. Sounds good, right?

If you feel this is something for you don't hesitate to enroll today, because there are a big EARLY BIRD-price. Are you ready for your life change? I am :-D 

If you have questions please send me an email

Have a lovely Saturday evening!

Love and kindness


A sustainable home and a harmonious life

A sustainable home

Ok, what is a sustainable home? Is it when you have all the expensive furniture and when all is perfect? Could be, but not for me...

For me is a sustainable home when it last for long and when you have your own style of what you like. As a feng shui consultant I always start with items which already are available in the home and then go further into it. 

I used to start with decluttering and take things away that have bad energy for my clients. I mean not bad energy for me, because that is not the same thing. Bad energy when we're talking about interior items are not the same for me as for you. You can feel a strange feeling when you're looking at a picture and I'm not. It all depends on your background and what you have in your bagage. We don't have the same bagage, right?

In Feng Shui there are some principles to follow to get a sustainable and harmonious home and life. I have done it by myself in my own home about 20 years and the outcome is always positive. 

I have made a free guide to download including tips and trix for your home area so that you may start your Feng Shui journey as well. All common rooms are included. 

If you're interested in my 100 % free Feng Shui guide please put the button down below and download.


Love and kindness,


Do you know that clutter can risk your health?

Let me ask you a question: Do you like cleaning your home? If not there are big chances that you have to much clutter around you which can risk your health. It could be a reason why it feels hard every time you have to clean up, because to much things and furnitures makes it hard to clean and it takes too much time.

There are of course other reason to bad health too, but this could be one of them. Perhaps you feel low and depressed and my suggestion is that you take a look around you in your environment inside of your home and see if there are something you don’t like. Do you find for example old pictures of people who doesn’t serve you anymore or things that give you bad feelings. Take them away and I promise that you will get new energy in your life. Leave the past behind you and go for new opportunities.

If you right now are depressed, feeling low and sad and have a feeling of stagnation in your life it´s a good idea to declutter your home. I want you to feel the fresh feeling of spring and new washed sheets in the bed.

Very soon I will open the registration for my new online course “The simple dream home” and I feel soo excited to share it with you. You will learn how to declutter and how you get your motivation back, the basic of Feng Shui for more harmony in your life and you will also learn how to style your home in a positive way .

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to get a notification when registration opens please follow this link and put your name on the waiting list. Seats are limited.

I’m looking forward to meet you inside.

With love, Ylva

You own nothing…

I met a man who said -You own nothing! First I didn’t understand. How could he know if I own nothing or something?

I was confused for a second until he explained what he meant. He knew I´m a Feng Shui expert and we talked about items.

I think that if we start decluttering our homes we will feel much more harmony and happiness in our lives. I know, because I started my journey of decluttering a very long time ago. It started when my mother died when I was 25 and she left so much stuff. At that time it was very hard to declutter after her, but now I can see that it helped me into feng shui and what I´m doing today.

When we are up in something it´s sometimes difficult to see the light and it was so for me too. Ok, what happened then in my life I will talk about in another blog, but I can say today that I have decluttered so much that I now feel almost free. BUT, I say BUT because decluttering don’t ever end in my life. I always think in a “decluttering” way of my home. It will always follow me. In a positive way, of course.

So, what the man meant was that we own nothing, we just borrow it from the universe and in the end it will be back to universe. I think that is a very lovely thought. Money and things means nothing. You just borrow it until the end <3

Don’t forget to download the free pdf-guide “Organize your workspace in 5 simple steps” I made for you.

With love,