My podcast Design the simple life is on Spotify!

My podcast Design the simple life is on Spotify!

I’m soooo happy and today I also have 3000 downloads from the beginning when I first published my pod. I just can’t believe it and my heart fills with so much love and gratitude.

So, why has this happened to me? I will tell you…I have decluttered my home, my life and my entire soul and when you do something like that everything can happen. You don´t know before you start, but I will tell you something here: I HAD NEVER STARTED A PODCAST IF I DIDN´T DECLUTTERED MY LIFE. That’s the real truth, believe me. I didn’t thought that I could and my self confidence was at the bottom after several tough days. I raised again and I’ll never give up. I’m a fighter and have always been.

Start to declutter and unexpected things starts to happen for you!

Go to Spotify and listen to Design the simple life and todays topic is this:

10 things that I don´t do anymore

In this episode I share with you what kind of topics that I have removed from my life.

Go and listen, follow me and share with your friends if you would like to support me and my company Ylva Maria Design.



What if you could be more present

What if…you could be more present in your everyday life…

I know how it feels to not be present. I think I haven’t been present for a long time, but today I’m more present than before and I’m also more satisfied and grafeful of what life has to give. I know why I haven’t been present all the time and I know why I haven’t been so balanced…

What if you could have more harmony and balance in your life…

I have heard from my clients sooo many times: I want to be balanced, have happiness and love in my life. You know what? There are solutions….

What if you could get more love into your life…

To bring more happiness and love into your life, I think the first thing you have to do is to start with yourself. If you don´t love yourself, you can not love others and there may be some issues to welcome people into your real life. You have probably heard this before: – to get love you have to love yourself first. Maybe a cliche´, but very true.

It’s not that easy to love yourself, so how to do that? Maybe you could make a plan for your life and then stick to that. I mean what you really want in your life. Show yourself that you’re the most important person in your life and treat yourself in the same way as you treat your best friend. You don’t say stupid and ugly things to your best friend, right? Don’t do that to yourself either. You are lovable just like you are. Remember that.

What if you could have a wonderful feeling when open your door to your own home and you like what you see. How would the feeling look like if you feel satisfied when you looking around in your home and love everything? That feeling is unbeatable.

It´s so important to treat yourself with love. My opinion is that the easiest way is to start with your home. If you’re not impressed of what you see in your own home I think you have to make a change. My decluttering method works very well, because if you get rid of things you don’t like you get more joy and love into your life. And that’s the most important thing in life, I think. Money or whatever else does not make you happy.

If you’re interested in bringing more joy and love into your life join my

Summer decluttering program 2020 for a simple life!

Seats are limited, so go and grab your seat now! Read more about the program here.

You know what, my life has positively changed since I started to declutter my home and you´re also worth living in harmony and love.

Wish you much love,


Feng Shui and Minimalism

Feng Shui and Minimalism…the same thing?

Do you think so? I believe that many of us think so, but I will give you the truth about that in todays topic here.

If you would like to become a minimalist you have to declutter a lot I guess and that take much time and effort. Believe me, because I know. Of course I don’t know how much things and junk you have in your home, but to be a minimalist I believe it will take awhile for you to end up to that.

Feng Shui is all about living in harmony with your surroundings in your home, at your work and in your garden (if you have one). And minimalism doesn’t include all what includes in Feng Shui, but in other words a minimalist have other positive qualities like:

• More energy without all the junk around

• A clearer and more open mind

• More time to do things to love instead of cleaning up (some like to clean, I don´t ?)


NEW PODCAST Episode is published today, Yey ?

Feng Shui and Minimalism

If you would like to hear about the differences between Feng Shui and Minimalism I have published a new episode of my podcast. Just click HERE and take 5 minutes for yourself and listen to my new episode about Feng Shui versa Minimalism. I think the best thing with podcast is that you can listen where ever you are from your mobile.

PSST, Have you heard about my Summer program 2020 for a simple life? That´s my brand new 4-weeks online declutter program, where I assist you to declutter your home and get a beautiful place to live in.

I listen to many different kinds of podcasts and I can highly recommend “The empowered creative” with Christina Greve. She’s a wonderful photographer and psychologist. She has given me many positive words when I have had bad days. Oh yes, I have them too. For a high sensitive person like me sometimes that kind of days comes to often, but nowadays I know how to handle it when that kind of days arrive.

Have a lovely day,

With love Ylva ❣️

Summer program for a simple life

Free yourself from all the unnecessary junk that interferes with your health! That’s the best path to a simple and harmonious life.

Hi there,

Today I’ve opened the registration for my brand new program:

Summer program 2020 for a simple life

To be honest I’ve thought about to do this for many years and now it’s the time. As you know, if you have followed me for awhile I have declutter a lot over a long period and it has given me so much harmony  into my life.

Sometimes you have to declutter before you get new fresh ideas and the best thing is when you feel satisfied of what you’ve in your soundings you feel so much healthier and then it’ll be easier to make things done.

Can you imagine sitting with your desk with to much stuff? Then the energy around you isn’t positive and you get tired and lack of ideas. I use to clean up my desk every evenings so that I can start a new day with new fresh positive energy. Nowadays I haven’t so much stuff and it’s so much easier to tidying.

Now it’s your time!

Free yourself from all the unnecessary junk that interferes with your health, and start living in harmony and join my Summer program! I would love to assist you in your decluttering journey ❤️

Read more about the program here!

Bye for now/Ylva

Say goodbye to things you don’t like!

To live in harmony you should love everything you have in your home and say goodbye to things you don’t like anymore.

Is it for your eyes only?

If you like what you see in your home your body and soul fills up with positive energy and you feel good. If your home are balanced you also feel harmony in your entire life. I mean also when you spend time outside of your home. Your home affects you more than you think.

So therefore, a very good idea is to declutter your home and say goodbye to things you don’t like. If you do that you will also be able to declutter your mind and negative thoughts and became more happy and feel free from blockings.

New podcast Episode published!

Today I have published Episode no 6 in my podcast “Design the simple life” and this time I talked about the kitchen. For a couple of months ago I totally went out of my box and started “Design the Simple life” and I love to produce content for my followers. The big deal for me was to write and speak in english and yes, I’m not an expert. I don’t care anymore, because I think you understand what I say anyway.

If you have followed me for awhile you probably know that I have decluttered a lot over time. It has taken many years for me to let a lot of my belongings go, because I like to take the process slow and don’t like to rush.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it’s so nice to have it cleaned and decluttered. Go to iTunes and listen for free here! You can also listen by clicking this link:

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Clear your mind by declutter your home and remember to say goodbye to things you don’t like!!

With love,