Roses of Sun

For 7 years I have designed and produced feng shui-bracelets in my own brand Roses of Sun. It has been a pleasure to design a product that I have noticed many of you have liked very much. I’m so glad for that and I’m so thankful of all the new contacts I have got through my bracelets. The knowledge of knowing that my bracelets are all over the world is wonderful.

I have made many different things in my company, because I have had difficulties to choose. I think it’s not so uncommon if you are an artist. I love working with my hands and to make beautiful things.

The last 3 years it has happened so much in my life and I have to choose what to do and I have decided to not produce Roses of Sun feng shui bracelets anymore. A very difficult decision.

So if you want to buy it’s the last chance now. I have all this bracelets in stock, but unfortunately not all sizes. Please email me at: and I will check if there are any in your size.

The bracelets are designed in the 5 elements and have different impact.

Material: Semiprescious stones, 925 silver and stainless steel


195 Sek (full price 549 Sek)

249 Sek Yin & Yang Black and White stones (full price 749 Sek)

50 Sek earrings 925 silver (only red jaspis and rose quartz left)

Payment: Swish

Lifes goes on in another direction and my bracelets will stay in my heart forever.

Much love,

Ylva ❤️

Learn more about Feng Shui

Did you know that you can improve your health by using the tools of feng shui?

I didn’t know that Feng Shui was so powerful when I started my journey in the feng shui world, but now I know better. For the best result it’s a good idea to decluttering the home before starting with feng shui.

A few years ago I was invited to talk about feng shui and the impacts in the popular podcast of Anna Sparre 4HEALTH. Her podcast about health is absolutely worth listening to.

To listen to my Feng Shui episode (in swedish) just click on this link and if you have some question about feng shui afterwards simply email me at: and I will answer you as soon as I can.

With love,


Things to save

Today when I look into my box of saved old things I found my mothers first glasses. So cute and so small.

When you are in a declutter mood it could be like that you would like to remove all things in your home and start from scratch. Especially if you have gone through tough times. All your items (including furnitures) has different energies. You can easily figure it out by just ask yourself what you have for feelings about a special item. If you feel happy of looking at it and hold it in your hands it probably has a positive energy for you.

The opposite is if you feel something negative when holding it in your hand. You may remember a situation or a person in your life you have to let go. Then you have found if it a positive or negative energy for you. Don’t save things with bad feelings. It will make you feel depressed.

My mother died early and I was only 25 years old. I can say that I have had an empty hole in my heart after her. She hasn’t seen my lovely daughters grown up. You never get over someone close to you, but you have to learn living with it and so did I.

She left many things after for me and it has taken long time for me to declutter. I haven’t so much left now, but when I found her small cute glasses I started to smile. At that time when my mother was a child there were just ONE model of glasses ? I never asked her if she liked them.

Big hugs,


Back on track again

Yesterday I wrote about creativity. It’s a big part of my life. For me it has been a mix of photography, calligraphy, jewelry design, water color, writing, styling, interior design, design/sewing clothes and planting herbs and flowers in the garden (more fun to create than to bring water afterwards ?.

I don´t take my creativity for granted, because suddenly it could disappear. What I have learned is that when it’s gone I always know it will appear again, but I never know when.

Today I’m back on track again and it feels so good when my creativity is back. My photography interest begun when I was a child and I got an instamatic camera from my mum and dad. OMG I produced so many film rolls (sounds swenglish?).

Thank God the technic has been improved and you can shot thousands of images without buying any film rolls at all and just edit them in the computer. I have also experienced working in the darkroom and I can say that I really loved that. It was so magic when the image suddenly appeared in the liquid.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend❣️

Love and kindness,