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My podcast Design the simple life is on Spotify!

My podcast Design the simple life is on Spotify!

I’m soooo happy and today I also have 3000 downloads from the beginning when I first published my pod. I just can’t believe it and my heart fills with so much love and gratitude.

So, why has this happened to me? I will tell you…I have decluttered my home, my life and my entire soul and when you do something like that everything can happen. You don´t know before you start, but I will tell you something here: I HAD NEVER STARTED A PODCAST IF I DIDN´T DECLUTTERED MY LIFE. That’s the real truth, believe me. I didn’t thought that I could and my self confidence was at the bottom after several tough days. I raised again and I’ll never give up. I’m a fighter and have always been.

Start to declutter and unexpected things starts to happen for you!

Go to Spotify and listen to Design the simple life and todays topic is this:

10 things that I don´t do anymore

In this episode I share with you what kind of topics that I have removed from my life.

Go and listen, follow me and share with your friends if you would like to support me and my company Ylva Maria Design.