Do you know that clutter can risk your health?

Let me ask you a question: Do you like cleaning your home? If not there are big chances that you have to much clutter around you which can risk your health. It could be a reason why it feels hard every time you have to clean up, because to much things and furnitures makes it hard to clean and it takes too much time.

There are of course other reason to bad health too, but this could be one of them. Perhaps you feel low and depressed and my suggestion is that you take a look around you in your environment inside of your home and see if there are something you don’t like. Do you find for example old pictures of people who doesn’t serve you anymore or things that give you bad feelings. Take them away and I promise that you will get new energy in your life. Leave the past behind you and go for new opportunities.

If you right now are depressed, feeling low and sad and have a feeling of stagnation in your life it´s a good idea to declutter your home. I want you to feel the fresh feeling of spring and new washed sheets in the bed.

Very soon I will open the registration for my new online course “The simple dream home” and I feel soo excited to share it with you. You will learn how to declutter and how you get your motivation back, the basic of Feng Shui for more harmony in your life and you will also learn how to style your home in a positive way .

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to get a notification when registration opens please follow this link and put your name on the waiting list. Seats are limited.

I’m looking forward to meet you inside.

With love, Ylva