Find energy for declutter your home

5 steps to find energy for declutter your home 

I´m a believer of that everybody sometimes postpone cleaning at home or to get started with all the clutter at home. You know you need to do something about it, but instead of just doing it today you say: Let’s make it tomorrow or at monday…I know, because I have been there several times. For me it’s different now, because I have found the way out of it and I’m here to coach you to the same position as I am.

Life could be tricky and you can feel stressed out many times. There are so many things to do everyday. I remember when our kids were small and we had a big house to look after. It was tough many times, but also the best time in my life. But, even if you haven’t all that it could be boring to clean and take care of all the things everywhere in your home.

I´ve made a podcast episode about how you can find energy for declutter your home and begin to taking care of yourself. There are so many ways to find energy and in this episode I’ll give you 5 steps.

Just click on this button and listen to episode number 13 of my podcast “Design the simple life”. (Btw, to listen to a podcast is totally free).

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Have a wonderful weekend and remember that the small things are the things that matter ❤️

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