Happy new year!

So, we did it again. We mastered a year full of challenges and happenings.

We get new challenges all the time which could be more and less fun, but if you look back you simple can see what you have learned. OMG I have had big challenges the last years. Just let it go, right? Oh, yes so easy to say, but so difficult to follow.

I did the summary over 2019 yesterday and found that I have reached every goals that I set up in January 2019 except for one goal. I’m very satisfied, but it had been much more nice if I hit them all. So, what to do if you didn’t reached your goal? It very simple…Just take them into next year or just let it go and set up new goals.

If you know me I’m a planning person and have always had plenty of lists. Some years ago I found the perfect thing for me – The bullet journal. I have all my lists, the calendar and so on in just ONE book and I love it. That´s my simplistic way of living. I can warmly recommend you to set up a bullet planner for your life. For me it has been much more easy to have focus in every part in my life. I’m a little bit old fashioned and haven’t started to use the calendar in my phone yet, except for my booking calendar for my gym exercises. As a calligrapher I can’t live without the pen in my hand.

If you interested in making your own bullet journal look at youtube. There are plenty of tutorials and you can make your personal bullet planner more or less artistic. Take a look HERE for example.

One of my goals for 2019 was to write everything in my business in english. I’m far away from perfect, but I do it anyway. Sometimes you have to go outside your box and don’t be shy to show your weakness.

I´m so grateful of all new people I have met this year in my business and private life and I hope I will get to know you even more.

I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR with much love ❤️


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