My new website

Hello again!

I have taken a very long pause from blogging, but here I am again with a fresh new energy and a new webb design.

The last 6 months I have worked behind the scenes rebuild my company in a new way and I am super excited to introduce my upcoming online business with you. There have been so many changings in my life the last years so a break and a new thinking was necessary for me. I always listen to my soul and I had to have a rest and reflect.

It has been very many decisions to take and yep, here I am again. As you can see I have change language and I decided to use english in my company. It´s both very exciting and a bit scary for me. I’t could be good to do something scarry everyday. I´m not an expert in english and therefore it´s not perfect grammatically all the time, but I don’t care. My main reason is my mission and not my grammatical English :-)

I have also decided to go back to my name Ylva Maria Design again and I’m so satisfied taken that step. This year I celebrate 6 year as entrepreneur so it’s defenitely time for celebrate. Today I celebrate my new website and thinking of a happening later on.

I hope you have a great summer time and enjoy everyday!

Love and kindness


A change gives unexpected possibilities!