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Episode 40

Check your Simplicity status

I would like to know how it goes for you. Have you started your simplicity journey, are you on track or have you not started? Anyway, no matter what, this episode is a check up for you, so that you can see how to continue this year in simplicity. It’s not easy at all to get started, so if you´re just in the thinking fase, don’t worry. It’s a day tomorrow too.

Now we’re almost in the middle of 2021 and it’s time to check the status for our goal settings. If you interested in how I set up my goals for a new year go and listen to episode no 24 and you’ll get new ideas on how to do that. 

If you already have set your goals for this year, take a look and see if you have accomplished them or if you have to readjust something to achieve what you want this year. Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to readjust. We’re just half-ways in 2021 so far and much can happens yet. 

For your help I have some questions for you to work on. If you would like you can pause this episode and then go on with the next question. These questions are so valuable for you when you continue the rest of this year, so go and get a piece of paper and a pen and let's get started my friend.

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It’s totally free and it also includes an amazing meditation. I hope you will like it and please send me your thoughts about it in a private message on instagram. 

The audio includes my 3 proven strategies to get calm and nice morning

Years ago I started to minimize my home and my belongings and I have learned a lot during this time. When you minimize your belongings you´ll be aware of the things that really mean something for you and I think that’s interesting to know that all the clutter could hold you back for years.

What I also learned is that when people starts to get rid of things they don’t need, like or use anymore they often starts to declutter the wardrobe, and that’s my favourite space. As I always have worked with clothes in different kind of ways in my life I wanted to dive into it a little bit more. I created the wardrobe course:

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