Podcast - Design the simple life

Welcome to my podcast "Design the simple life".

To live a simple life there are a lot of things to consider and in my podcast Design the simple life I'm  sharing all my best tips and trix. I hope that you'll get inspired to make your personal life to the best life for you,  so that you also may have a feeling of satisfaction and harmony. You're worth having a positive and happy life. 

My mission is to inspire you into a simplistic life and the main topics in my podcast are feng shui, minimalism and how to live without all the unnessecary items in your home and how to improve your health. You know if you have to much clutter around you it will affect your health and you're worth living your best successful life.

It's never too late change something. If you're not satisfied with how you're living right now you probably would feel soo good to change something in any kind. A change could be a bit scary, but sometimes it's necessary for starting a life in harmony. When everything is in order again you'll wonder why you didn't made it before.

I have made many big changes in my life and I don't regret anything. My life is so different now in a positive way and I hope I can inspire you to live in your full potential too.

Welcome to my podcast - Design the simple life!

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