Registration is opened!!!

I think I'm sleeping or something and have to pinch me in the arm. Can't believe it, but it's really true...My own designed online masterclass course The Simple dream Home is ready and the the registration has opened today. Yippikajey!!! I have worked a lot to build it and put my entire soul inside it. So I'm so excited to show you this and hope you will like it. 

This is a course for you who wants to make a change in the home interior area and it's also a life changing process in different kind. I believe it could be very various due to what kind of background you have, but I can promise you if you follow my simple steps in The Simple dream Home your soul will be uplifted.

The course content is like follows:

Working with your inner soul

Feng Shui



I have many years experience of all this items and will help you all the way from the start into the end. If you wish I have made a FB-group for course members where you will get huge inspirations and help from me and from the other members. Sounds good, right?

If you feel this is something for you don't hesitate to enroll today, because there are a big EARLY BIRD-price. Are you ready for your life change? I am :-D 

If you have questions please send me an email

Have a lovely Saturday evening!

Love and kindness