Roses of Sun

For 7 years I have designed and produced feng shui-bracelets in my own brand Roses of Sun. It has been a pleasure to design a product that I have noticed many of you have liked very much. I’m so glad for that and I’m so thankful of all the new contacts I have got through my bracelets. The knowledge of knowing that my bracelets are all over the world is wonderful.

I have made many different things in my company, because I have had difficulties to choose. I think it’s not so uncommon if you are an artist. I love working with my hands and to make beautiful things.

The last 3 years it has happened so much in my life and I have to choose what to do and I have decided to not produce Roses of Sun feng shui bracelets anymore. A very difficult decision.

So if you want to buy it’s the last chance now. I have all this bracelets in stock, but unfortunately not all sizes. Please email me at: and I will check if there are any in your size.

The bracelets are designed in the 5 elements and have different impact.

Material: Semiprescious stones, 925 silver and stainless steel


195 Sek (full price 549 Sek)

249 Sek Yin & Yang Black and White stones (full price 749 Sek)

50 Sek earrings 925 silver (only red jaspis and rose quartz left)

Payment: Swish

Lifes goes on in another direction and my bracelets will stay in my heart forever.

Much love,

Ylva ❤️

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