Say goodbye to things you don’t like!

To live in harmony you should love everything you have in your home and say goodbye to things you don’t like anymore.

Is it for your eyes only?

If you like what you see in your home your body and soul fills up with positive energy and you feel good. If your home are balanced you also feel harmony in your entire life. I mean also when you spend time outside of your home. Your home affects you more than you think.

So therefore, a very good idea is to declutter your home and say goodbye to things you don’t like. If you do that you will also be able to declutter your mind and negative thoughts and became more happy and feel free from blockings.

New podcast Episode published!

Today I have published Episode no 6 in my podcast “Design the simple life” and this time I talked about the kitchen. For a couple of months ago I totally went out of my box and started “Design the Simple life” and I love to produce content for my followers. The big deal for me was to write and speak in english and yes, I’m not an expert. I don’t care anymore, because I think you understand what I say anyway.

If you have followed me for awhile you probably know that I have decluttered a lot over time. It has taken many years for me to let a lot of my belongings go, because I like to take the process slow and don’t like to rush.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it’s so nice to have it cleaned and decluttered. Go to iTunes and listen for free here! You can also listen by clicking this link:

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Clear your mind by declutter your home and remember to say goodbye to things you don’t like!!

With love,


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