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Feng Shui and Minimalism

Feng Shui and Minimalism…the same thing?

Do you think so? I believe that many of us think so, but I will give you the truth about that in todays topic here.

If you would like to become a minimalist you have to declutter a lot I guess and that take much time and effort. Believe me, because I know. Of course I don’t know how much things and junk you have in your home, but to be a minimalist I believe it will take awhile for you to end up to that.

Feng Shui is all about living in harmony with your surroundings in your home, at your work and in your garden (if you have one). And minimalism doesn’t include all what includes in Feng Shui, but in other words a minimalist have other positive qualities like:

• More energy without all the junk around

• A clearer and more open mind

• More time to do things to love instead of cleaning up (some like to clean, I don´t ?)


NEW PODCAST Episode is published today, Yey ?

Feng Shui and Minimalism

If you would like to hear about the differences between Feng Shui and Minimalism I have published a new episode of my podcast. Just click HERE and take 5 minutes for yourself and listen to my new episode about Feng Shui versa Minimalism. I think the best thing with podcast is that you can listen where ever you are from your mobile.

PSST, Have you heard about my Summer program 2020 for a simple life? That´s my brand new 4-weeks online declutter program, where I assist you to declutter your home and get a beautiful place to live in.

I listen to many different kinds of podcasts and I can highly recommend “The empowered creative” with Christina Greve. She’s a wonderful photographer and psychologist. She has given me many positive words when I have had bad days. Oh yes, I have them too. For a high sensitive person like me sometimes that kind of days comes to often, but nowadays I know how to handle it when that kind of days arrive.

Have a lovely day,

With love Ylva ❣️