Take care and stay calm

Hi dear,

The chaos situation in our world is a fact right now that nobody can avoid. You and me, everybody is a part of the world and we have to help each other as best as we can through the crise and nobody know the outcome of this.

Everybody has to take the responsibility over ourselves and our families. When crises like this appear we human react differently. Some are terrified and some just shake it off like nothing. We are all different and that’s totally in order. I hope we will go through this fast and then go back to normal again.

I’m very sorry to say that I decided to cancelled my workshop in Ystad in May, because of Corona and I don’t know today when the workshop will be.

My Podcast – Design the simple life

Last but not least – If you haven’t listened to my new episode – “How to get an awesome wardrobe” yet push the link down below and please give me a review if you like it.

Design the simple life – Episode 4

Take care and stay calm ❤️

All my love to you,


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