The Simple Dream Home


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This is a course for you who have a desire to optimize your life and feel ready for a life-change

If you want to say goodbye to all clutter in your home and hello to a harmonious home and life this course is for you. If you like to design your home you will love this. A good design is when you can feel it in your body and soul. 

Have you sometimes felt that your home isn't working with you? Yes, I understand you. There are so many options to make a home working with you instead of against you. There are so many possibilities to make it harmoniously and a lovely place to be. Your home is a reflection of your self and if you don't feel well when you are at home you know that you have to do something about it, but perhaps you don't know what to do.

You will learn all my tips and tricks to design a home for your well-being. You will learn the basic of Feng Shui and how you style afterwards. I say style because this is not an interior design course where you have to go and buy new interior items. No, this is something where I start with all the items you already have. Of course you can buy new things as well, but it's not the point of feng shui and my styling. For example you can pick your beautiful flower in the nature instead of buying expensive flowers.