The Simple Dream Home online course

Yey, I'm so excited to announce that the registration for my online Masterclass course "The Simple Dream Home" is now open!

This is a course for soul-driven women who want to take the next step in life and introduce more harmony in the home and life. I use to say that a good design is when you can feel it in your body. Nowadays I always listen to my gut feelings and that is so important for good health.

My mission is to make a better sustainable world for our children and they after and after...Therefore I have built this course for helping you make your home sustainable and full of harmony. 

Have you sometimes felt that your home isn't working with you? Yes, I understand you. There are so many options to make a home working with you instead of against you. There are so many possibilities to make it harmoniously and a lovely place to be. Your home is a reflection of your self and if you don't feel well when you are at home you know that you have to do something about it, but perhaps you don't know what to do.

You will learn all my tips and tricks to design a home for your well-being. You will learn the basic of Feng Shui and how you style afterwards. I say style because this is not an interior design course where you have to go and buy new interior items. No, this is something where I start with all the items you already have. Of course you can buy new things as well, but it's not the point of feng shui and my styling. For example you can pick your beautiful flower in the nature instead of buying expensive flowers.

Before you can apply Feng Shui and a nice styling you have to do something very important and what I mean is decluttering all your areas in your home. No, no don't worry...I know you are many out there that feel a very bad feeling in the stomach when I talk about decluttering. Why, because you know you have to start there...some day...

But, please listen here: If you never start decluttering your home you will not come forward in your lifeBelieve me. I know, because I have made it by myself so many times and I have moved so many times. I would like you to feel the same good feeling as I do when the decluttering is done. You can compare with a new washed sheets which have hanged outside for drying in the sun. You know the feeling when you put them into your bed and you can smell the pure scent of summer and freshness,

This is a course for soul-driven women who have a desire to optimize their life and are ready for a life-change

If you want to say goodbye to all clutter in your home and hello to a harmonious home and life this course is for you. If you like to design your home you will love this. Once you have enrolled you have life-time access to the course and are able to take your time to study at your own pace. It couldn't be better. 

I will give you all my tools for having a harmoniously home, but I can't do the work for you. You have to do the work by yourself and I hope you are now ready to take that step. It might be the best step in your life. I have heard it so many times. So many positive feelings to make the home in your personal style. The personal style is your own and nobody else's. 

This might be your best change in your life-time!

The Simple Dream Home 6 weeks online course


4 Modules, 17 lessons, 7 bonuses

• Style decisions - Life soul essens

• Declutter & organize your home

• The basic of Feng Shui principles

• Style your home harmoniously - add details and make it personal

If your gut feelings says YES, THIS IS A COURSE FOR ME - it is a course four you!

Mostly welcome on-board on a very exciting life changing journey!

I will do my best for helping you ❤️

Questions: Simply email me:

Love and kindness,

Ylva Jansson

You can study at your own pace and in your condition as you like and where ever you like. The only thing you need is a computer, an iPad or your mobile phone. 

You will get your personal login and you will be able to login when ever you want.

The best time for starting up new project is in the beginning of a new year and in the spring!

The Simple Dream Home online course starts                January 2020

Remember: Seats are limited!

A sustainable home


In this tutorial I give you my best tips for living in harmony with Feng Shui in your home. All rooms are included. Enjoy!