Things to save

Today when I look into my box of saved old things I found my mothers first glasses. So cute and so small.

When you are in a declutter mood it could be like that you would like to remove all things in your home and start from scratch. Especially if you have gone through tough times. All your items (including furnitures) has different energies. You can easily figure it out by just ask yourself what you have for feelings about a special item. If you feel happy of looking at it and hold it in your hands it probably has a positive energy for you.

The opposite is if you feel something negative when holding it in your hand. You may remember a situation or a person in your life you have to let go. Then you have found if it a positive or negative energy for you. Don’t save things with bad feelings. It will make you feel depressed.

My mother died early and I was only 25 years old. I can say that I have had an empty hole in my heart after her. She hasn’t seen my lovely daughters grown up. You never get over someone close to you, but you have to learn living with it and so did I.

She left many things after for me and it has taken long time for me to declutter. I haven’t so much left now, but when I found her small cute glasses I started to smile. At that time when my mother was a child there were just ONE model of glasses ? I never asked her if she liked them.

Big hugs,


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