What happens if your creativity falls…

Oh yes, it happens all the time…for me. If you’re also an artist you probably have the same issue. I have thousands of creative ideas in my head waiting for to be realized. It could be an image, a text, an interior design idea or something else.

When the point comes when I just CAN´T produce, because of my mind it’s a very bad idea to push forward. I just have to wait. An hour, a day or perhaps weeks. I never know how long it takes when I will be creative and productive again, but when it happens I have to be prepared.

I prepare by walking in the forest or at the beach. That’s the best place to catch new energy. Exercises at the gym is also a good place, but honestly that not happens that often ? I feel lucky living nearby the ocean and I think it would be very hard to live far away from the water now when I’m used to it.

Today it has been a creativity day for me and I grabbed my camera. What happened…the battery was almost empty so I only got one shot ?, this tulip image. When the battery was loaded the natural light was gone hm…I always use the natural light and never artificial lights.

So for tomorrows session I’m prepared with all my image ideas, a loaded battery and a full energy mind. I also prepare for an exhibition in the spring time and hopefully I will find a gallery.

Love and kindness,

Ylva ❤️

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