What if you could be more present

What if…you could be more present in your everyday life…

I know how it feels to not be present. I think I haven’t been present for a long time, but today I’m more present than before and I’m also more satisfied and grafeful of what life has to give. I know why I haven’t been present all the time and I know why I haven’t been so balanced…

What if you could have more harmony and balance in your life…

I have heard from my clients sooo many times: I want to be balanced, have happiness and love in my life. You know what? There are solutions….

What if you could get more love into your life…

To bring more happiness and love into your life, I think the first thing you have to do is to start with yourself. If you don´t love yourself, you can not love others and there may be some issues to welcome people into your real life. You have probably heard this before: – to get love you have to love yourself first. Maybe a cliche´, but very true.

It’s not that easy to love yourself, so how to do that? Maybe you could make a plan for your life and then stick to that. I mean what you really want in your life. Show yourself that you’re the most important person in your life and treat yourself in the same way as you treat your best friend. You don’t say stupid and ugly things to your best friend, right? Don’t do that to yourself either. You are lovable just like you are. Remember that.

What if you could have a wonderful feeling when open your door to your own home and you like what you see. How would the feeling look like if you feel satisfied when you looking around in your home and love everything? That feeling is unbeatable.

It´s so important to treat yourself with love. My opinion is that the easiest way is to start with your home. If you’re not impressed of what you see in your own home I think you have to make a change. My decluttering method works very well, because if you get rid of things you don’t like you get more joy and love into your life. And that’s the most important thing in life, I think. Money or whatever else does not make you happy.

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You know what, my life has positively changed since I started to declutter my home and you´re also worth living in harmony and love.

Wish you much love,


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