You own nothing…

I met a man who said -You own nothing! First I didn’t understand. How could he know if I own nothing or something?

I was confused for a second until he explained what he meant. He knew I´m a Feng Shui expert and we talked about items.

I think that if we start decluttering our homes we will feel much more harmony and happiness in our lives. I know, because I started my journey of decluttering a very long time ago. It started when my mother died when I was 25 and she left so much stuff. At that time it was very hard to declutter after her, but now I can see that it helped me into feng shui and what I´m doing today.

When we are up in something it´s sometimes difficult to see the light and it was so for me too. Ok, what happened then in my life I will talk about in another blog, but I can say today that I have decluttered so much that I now feel almost free. BUT, I say BUT because decluttering don’t ever end in my life. I always think in a “decluttering” way of my home. It will always follow me. In a positive way, of course.

So, what the man meant was that we own nothing, we just borrow it from the universe and in the end it will be back to universe. I think that is a very lovely thought. Money and things means nothing. You just borrow it until the end <3

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With love,